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For over 30 years, we have been providing the Victor Valley  with professional collision repair services. We have the skilled professionals and equipment to achieve Certified status with many Auto manufacturers.  Our excellent reputation for quality and attention to every detail of the process assures you of a complete and excellent repair of your vehicle.

We work with all insurance company’s, providing computerized estimates and photos, to determine the damage to your vehicle and facilitate the repair.


Award winning collision repair

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Serving our community for over 30 years the 'SAFE CHOICE' since 1984

Do I have the right to take my vehicle to the collision repair facility of my choice?

Yes. The California State Insurance Code states that an insurance company cannot require or suggest that you get repairs at a certain location unless you ask for a recommendation. Be sure to choose an auto body shop that will guarantee their results and return it to Factory Specifications.

Am I required to notify my insurance company before repairs begin on my vehicle

Yes.  You should obtain approval from your insurance company before repairs begin. Your insurance company will authorize repairs, parts types used, payments, and written /digital photo documentation before and during the repair process.

Do I need to get multiple estimates?

If you are paying out of pocket instead of using insurance, shopping around is the smart thing to do. If you are paying with insurance, you will need to submit an estimate from the shop of your choice or from the insurance adjuster. Then any negotiations regarding the estimate will take place between the repair facility and the insurance company.

What is a DRP (Direct Repair Shop) shop?

What should I look for when choosing a repair facility?

Ask people you trust.

Who does your Insurance Company recommend?  Is the facility certified and/or recommended to repair your vehicle by the manufacturer?  Has the facility been in the community with a good standing for a number of years?

Do they have a life time guarantee of their work?

Is the repair facility responsible for the repairs performed on my vehicle?

Yes - The Automobile Repair Act of 1971 requires all repair facilities to be registered with the State of California and to post a sign. This Act [Section 988a.7 (1Xg)] states that the Department of Consumer Affairs may invalidate the registration of the repair facility for a number of causes, including:

• Making any statement, written or oral, which is untrue or misleading

• Causing a customer to sign any work order which is untrue or misleading

• Failing or refusing to give to a customer a copy of any document requiring his or her signature, as soon as the

   customer signs such document

• Any other conduct which constitutes fraud

• Any willful departure from or disregard of, accepted trade standards for good and workman-like repair

Who is responsible for payment to the repair facility?

The vehicle owner is ultimately responsible for payment for all repairs.

You may instruct your insurance company to make payment directly to the repair center on your behalf. Usually an initial payment is made for the repair estimate and then during the repair process a supplemental payment will be issued for additional hidden damages or parts cost that are discovered during repairs.

Remember to clarify any deductible amounts or questions you may have as early on as possible.

Your portion (if applicable) must be paid at the completion of repairs and before you pick up your vehicle.


When is my deductible due and how do I know how much it is?

Deductibles are due at the completion of the repair process to the repair center. Your insurance adjuster can answer any questions you may have regarding your policy, coverage, and applicable deductibles.

Is there a shuttle service available to get to work and/or home?

Our complimentary shuttle service will pick you up, and drop you off.

What if I need a rental car?

We're partnered with Enterprise Rent-a-car, with an office inside our repair facility to help you.

Verify your coverage and the amount covered per day for a rental vehicle while filing your initial claim.




Will I be able to wash my vehicle after the repairs?

You may use mild soap and water to wash your car. Please, do not use automatic car washes with brushes, or wax and polish, for 5 weeks   You want to stay away from high pressure washers..


Do you guarantee your repairs?

Yes! Sonshine Auto Body guarantees our repairs to your vehicle for as long as you own your vehicle. PPG guarantees their paint products against peeling, and/or fading for as long as you own your vehicle. Parts are subject to the manufacturer's warranty.

Auto maintenance issues, such as tire alignments, are not guaranteed.


Celebrating over 30 years of setting the standard for high-quality auto repairs!

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DRP simply means Direct Repair Program.

These chosen providers have met specific requirements in the areas of; training, quality, customer service, and possess the state of the art equipment necessary for the best possible repair to your vehicle and experience for you.  Insurance Companies can provide you with a list of their preferred or Direct Repair Providers in your area.